Campaign ––

Youth In Revolt

Project Year
Late 2016

In November 2016, it was announced that disgraced former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, was to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or “Cemetery of National Heroes”. ​After the hundreds of Martial Law atrocities committed under his rule, our country was stunned at how the current administration could award the dictator a heroes burial.


As part of the younger generation, one without direct influence or say in political matters, many of my peers took to social media to express opinions in the hopes of making a difference. Yet, rather than form a Tweet or Facebook status, I wanted to create a concrete channel of support for those the victims of Martial Law fuelled by the protest of my generation. I decided to create and sell a simple T-shirt expressing my indignation towards the issue, with all proceeds heading to those affected by the injustice of the Marcos era. Each shirt sold for Php 250 (USD 5)– raising over Php 250,000 (USD 5,000) for the families of Martial Law victims.


One ––


The first Youth In Revolt shirt was silkscreened by hand and photographed in my bedroom with the self-timer function. Originally meant to be sold only to friends and family, I created a short Facebook post about the project. Overnight and unexpectedly, the shirt went viral and garnered an outstanding 1000+ orders.

Two ––


My sister and I packaged and shipped the first batch of shirts in less than a week in order to meet demand in time for the country’s rally against the burial. We continued to process orders for another month, dedicating ourselves fully to the project whilst remaining full-time students.

Three ––


The shirt was spotted at protests and at parties, on the streets and in selfies– wherever it was seen, each shirt represented an individual that no longer wished to remain apathetic in the fight against the injustice of the Marcos era. With its incredible amount of supporters, the project was able to raise over Php 250,000 (USD 5000) for the families of Martial Law victims.

Four ––


The project was also featured in multiple print and online publications, including L’Officiel Manila, Lifestyle Asia Magazine, Scout Magazine, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. A huge thank you goes out to those that supported the cause, be it through publication, purchase, or protest.

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