Installation ––

Local Edition

Project Year
Early 2015

I organized a collaboration between neighbourhood cafe Local Edition Coffee and Tea and fellow students from the UP College of Fine Arts for paper-based installation, #Unfold2015. Unveiled in January 2015, the installation was created to embody the assigned theme of “beginnings”. We fell in love with the concept of flora in bloom, and paper as the most universal medium of creation. Within a tight two-week deadline, our team handcrafted over two hundred multicoloured paper flowers and leaves– each species endemic to the Philippines to remain in line with the coffee shop’s “love local” advocacy.


#Unfold2015 was open to the public from January to April, exceeding the regular one-month duration of usual collaborating artists. Nothing would have been possible without the talent of Krissie Mateo, Bea Vicente, Niki Esguerra, Glendford Lumbao, Farah Baldos, Dani Millar, Rocky Nacpil, and DJ Rodriguez.


Installation ––

Unfold 2015

#Unfold2015 featured seven unique species of flora, including iconic Philippine flowers such as the Gumamela and the Rafflesia. These were then arranged on the coffee shop’s grid wall. We emblazoned the final output with our tagline, Be Bold and Begin, and encouraged coffee shop visitors to “plant their own seeds” at the interactive installation. Paper prompts given to customers were turned into flowers on the wall within a week of their submission. Photos by Glendford Lumbao.

The installation was also featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Read the full article here.

Behind the Scenes ––


The core team– Krissie, Bea, Niki, and I –conceptualized the installation based on Local Edition’s assigned theme, “beginnings”. Not only did flowers symbolize the idea of growth, but also represented our team as budding artists, taking initative with the project and being the establishment’s youngest collaborators to date. We decided that paper would be the ideal medium in replicating flora, and began experimenting with folds, cuts, and color combinations. 

Behind the Scenes ––


We introduced our talented batchmates Glendford, Farah, Rocky, Dani, and DJ to the team and began full-scale production. Most of the work was done individually, followed by three all-nighter group sessions on the week of the installation’s launch. 

Behind the Scenes ––


Ingress at Local Edition ran overnight from 6 PM to 6 AM. Being full-time students, we began set-up immediately after our Friday classes and then proceeded back to school the following morning for our Saturday classes. The 12-hour ingress consisted mostly of element arrangement, last-minute additions, and clean up. We launched the following week, and continued to run the installation for three months.

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